I Was Diagnosed With a Brain Tumor

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 In the beginning of 2016, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

I was in Bakersfield, CA at the time. I was admitted to ICU for further testing and I was told that the surgery would be done.

As my treatments proceeded, because of the difficulty of the location of the tumor they couldn’t do the procedure. The tumor was then shrunk.

Some time had passed and my headaches were getting worse. I came to Los Angeles and was admitted in the ICU once again. I was there for a month before I had the surgery.

I had a meningioma tumor in the brain. Thank God it was noncancerous. I spent 2 months in the ICU before I actually had the surgery done.

What got me through this whole time was a lady who cleaned up at the hospital told me, that God didn’t bring me to this not to bring me through this!!!

That followed me up until now. I still believe that. Amen.

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